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Top 5 Casinos In Europe

Across the world, there is a trend to create the biggest casinos. This way they can make a bigger impression and attract a lot of people. The biggest casinos are currently in the US and Macau, but there are some honorable mentions across Europe too. If you happen to visit Europe, be sure to visit at least one of them if you like gambling.

1. Casino Di Campione in Como

This casino is not only the biggest casino in Europe but it’s one of the best casinos in the world. It’s located in Italy and visiting it can be quite an experience. The casino is 590 000 square feet and has more than 556 slots and table games. This makes it the biggest casino in Europe. It was built back in 1917 and was used to spy on diplomats and gain World War I information. In 2007 the casino changed place with the help of the Swiss architect Mario Botta. He has made a spectacular job with it and made a unique casino which you will remember.

2. Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco

When we talk about beautiful casinos we should always include this one in France. It’s one of the most spectacular gambling places in Europe and is famous for having a close connection to the fictional spy James Bond. Also, a lot of movies used to take pictures in this casino. This casino is one of the oldest ones in the world as it was opened back in 1863. The casino is 108,000 square feet large and has over 300 table games and slots to play at.

3. Resorts World Birmingham in Birmingham

This casino is one of the newest casinos in Europe. It was established back in 2015 and was built for two years. It quickly became the largest casino in the UK, because of its games and the area it covers. However, it offers much more than just a casino and people seem to love it. There are a lot of shops, restaurants, a spa, a cinema and hotels in the area. The casino is almost 60 square feet large and contains more than 200 slots and table games.

4. The Casino at the Empire in London

One of the biggest operators in the world is, of course, Caesars Entertainment. Only a few operators manage to put out as good casinos like this one and it’s a big achievement. It’s located in the UK, in an old Victorian music hall called the Empire. Gamblers around the world know about this casino because the grand opening was back in 1884. The casino features more than 150 games and is 55 square feet large.

5. Casino Estoril in Lisbon

Even though Portugal is not the most famous place for gambling in the world, it contains one of the best casinos. It’s a grand casino that has opened back in 1916. It was made as a secret meeting point for spies during the first World War. It’s one of the few casinos that has opening hours so if you want to visit it, make sure it’s working. The casino is almost 27 square feet and contains 1,235 games and slots.